The Top Ten Most Annoying Hobos

One particular thing about me is that I rarely get compose original works at home. I simply can’t get inspired on Microsoft Word; to write, I need a blank page, I need to strike out things and add notes on the fly, which computers simply can’t do. Computers, for me, are used for editing, refining, polishing and finalizing, that sort of thing. Sure, nothing prevents me from writing at home, but… Well, Skyrim is so close, and I don’t suppose half an hour would hurt a lot, would it? In fact, it took me a whole hour to type this paragraph simply because I kept switching to Skyrim.

I simply can’t get any inspiration at home. Thus, I more often than not prefer to write original material in coffee shops. Sadly, even in Montreal, most coffee shops have taken the ridiculous habit of closing at ridiculous hours, sometimes even at 5PM. For those of us who get more done in the evening, it’s a clear issue: even if the place closes at 10PM, I don’t want to take the risk of getting rushed out in the middle of a fantastic paragraph. In fact, my writing sessions often extend up to 2AM and sometimes as late as 4AM. Thus, a 24/7 coffee shop is my only real option.

After nearly three years in Montreal, I have barely found three coffees within walking distance opened 24 hours a day. Now, much like the apparently impossible to choose a seat in your friends’ car on a typical Friday, I have the extremely complex job of choosing a place to write at. As a matter of fact, it so happens that choosing where to work is an arduous and elaborated task with so many factors to consider it makes the landing on the moon appear trivial. In fact, feel free to decide which place is optimal by yourself.


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