God of Infinity: Epilogue

Is there anything that should ever be added to that masterpiece, really? Isn’t it absolute perfection already? Well, three years later, Sumer added an update under another name, in the same topic. Now, take a guess: do you think the update makes any more sense? Do you think three years made him more sane? Do you think he suddenly started to be coherent?

Sumer Kolcak wrote this article and sent it off to
top 1 mil web site owners in the globe shortly after
silicon valley, cops, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and others
all went after him due to his stance on iraq war.

OH! THAT’S WHY Secret Services went after him! His stance on the Iraq war, of course. Sumer is the only one who ever spoke against the Iraq war “in” the globe!

But hold on a minute… What if that ain’t a mistake? What if that’s really what he meant. WEBSITES ARE CONTROLLED BY CREATURES UNDERGROUND? OH MY GOD! First it was the aliens, now it’s web site owners living underground. Hey, I can imagine you, the reader, finishing part 4 and thinking “Wow, there is no way this can get crazier”.

By the way, how exactly did “silicon valley” go after you, Sumer? You mean the whole fucking place? Wow, entire towns are going after you now!

Sumer Kolcak was in a tight situation, he had to
promote his name in order to be seen so the CIA agents
would not lock him up with false stuff.

“False” stuff, right. I mean, I’m all for the anti-CIA bandwagon, but this is one case where I would actually be happy to pay tax money.

Laws are easy to fake when you work for the CIA

Fake a law? Wow, CIA or FBI or SECRET SERVICE are the real deal after all: they can fake laws.

the article was published before the foxconn suicides.
Sumer Kolcak for 8 years drove all the way to google hq
and rode his bike there in order to not become food to
CIA that was racist.

Wait… You drove all the way there… And then you rode your bike there? For eight years? You mean, like, every day?

And for what reason? I…. What?

Why do you speak of yourself using the third person anyway? “Sumer Kolcak did this, Sumer Kolcak did that, Sumer Kolcak thought this…” What the fuck? We know who is talking, Sumer, you can use the first person! Oh, you want to promote your name so you can’t be kidnapped by the CIA and become a fake law or something! Seriously?

Sumer Kolcak’s latest blog can be found at : voidos.blogspot.com
Sumer Kolcak has fallen to mental hospitals many times.

No shit, I wouldn’t have guessed that.

During homeland security investigations, sumer kolcak’s health
and vision suffered.

Health, I might accept that…… But why vision? Now hold on a fucking second, Sumer: HOLD ON A SECOND. Oh my God, you know what? Eyes are part white too! Oh no… Do NOT take your eye out like you did with your tooth, Sumer! For god’s sake, no! There are no metal rods in your eye, I swear!

Then again, it’s crazy how many enemies Sumer Kolcak has. CIA, FBI, Secret Services, Homeland security, local cops, state police, jealous scientists of course  – in another post, he even blamed firefighters. Everyone in the US is out to get you, Sumer?


A Sumero Production ( ‘ Top 100 reasons why FBI should Investigate FireFighters. ‘ )

1: i do not like the way they walk on the side walks.
I’ve seen FBI, i’ve seen Secret Service walk on the side
walks, trust me, i have never been bothered as much as
i am bothered by the way Firefighters walk on the side walks.

(Source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/google.finance.33095/1Ek5H0xogmg)

Oh, you don’t like the way they walk on the fucking sidewalk, of course! And FBI should investigate all of them? So there is a secret order of firefighters worldwide? The cult of fire?

Is that a common occurrence, by the way? Seeing FBI and Secret Service walk on the sidewalks? Does that happen everyday or what?

It also became apparent some CIA agents placed nails under
his DAD’s SUV in order to aggravate Sumer Kolcak and ruin his
state of mind so he would do something crazy so they could
label the subject as crazy and lock him up and get him killed
behind bars.

Holy fuck! You got crazier with time, Sumer! At this point, I don’t need the CIA needs to place anything under your DAD’s SUV to prove you are crazy. And how would that aggravate you anyway? A couple of nails under your DAD’s SUV are enough to make you do something crazy? Never mind – I actually believe you on that. Wouldn’t want to see you when you get a parking ticket, though.

Why the fuck would the CIA do this anyway? Don’t you think they have better things to do than place nails under the tires of a fucking car? Are you fucking serious?

Sumer’s future web site is going to be called “Void.is”

thanks for reading. we believe this article should be removed
as it seems evident that foxconn suicides took place after this
article was posted thus steve jobs was depressed and he died
due to depression.

OH THAT EXPLAINS IT! CALL THE NEWS PEOPLE! Hold on – no need to call anyone, hasn’t Sumer become “news” himself?

So Foxconn suicides (which happened in 2010) happened after your post (2009) and obviously the two are linked? Yeah, evident Sumer. And I thought Steve Jobs died of cancer, but now it’s depression? Maybe he read your post.

If FBI, CIA, SS had not shut down google finance discussions

SS as in “Secret Services of the United States”, or Hitler’s private SS police? Because that would thicken the plot quite a bit - AGAIN. Don’t tell me aliens have kidnapped Nazis, because that would be going too far, even for you.

steve jobs would likely have read sumer kolcak’s articles

Likely, yeah. Goddamn you CIA! You prevented Steve Jobs from reading his amazing google finance discussions!

But no need to deprive yourself, reader. Here they are:


There are 37050 articles currently, and believe me, more than 80% is from Sumer Kolcak. Amazing posts such as this:

“Tim Cook says he envisions a transparent acrylic MacBook so that Investors can’t see him selling all of his AAPL shares.”

Wow, if only Steve Jobs had read posts like that. I’m happy the CIA didn’t have it removed. And that’s not all – he has invaded the discussion forums of Sony, Google… At this point, Google Finance forums survive only thanks to him.

Remember the “Sumer becomes News”? Here is some amazing news for you:

“News That You Care About : AAPL In Focus : Sümer Kolçak links a new bank account to his paypal so he can get the cash out of paypal on time.”

Who gives a shit? What the fuck does that have to do with Apple anyway? To make things even worse, these Google Finance forums are long abandoned and no one posts in there. For this reason, Sumer resorted to invent new personas to have someone to talk with. Michael Uriel, Farmer - that’s all him. Apart from the occasional spammer, it’s all and always him. All the time. All day long.

and foxconn suicides would have been avoided.

Please remove this whole article. thank you so much
we are trying to clean up Apple Inc.s reputation.

- Sumer Kolcak

Oh, you are trying to clean “Apple” reputation. Of course! Thank you for your generosity, “THE ONE ONE”. Wait, why did you even post an update for that? Your original post contained nothing about Apple. Not a word, not a reference. This was posted more than three years later. What the hell is going on?

OH! I think I get it! Your first post was about suicide, and in 2012 you finally read about Foxconn suicide… And you think that if the SS hadn’t removed your post, everyone would have become immortal and the suicides would have been avoided?

No, no: you believe that Steve Jobs would have read your post and prevented the Foxconn suicides because… Because… And then he wouldn’t have become depressed about it and he would still be alive today. And that’s how you’re trying to clean Apple’s reputation… Somehow?

If that’s the case, why ask to remove the post now? Wouldn’t you prevent more suicides by leaving it there?

This makes no sense at all.

Well, well…

There is so much more to be said about Sumer Kolcak. But I do believe the essential – his masterpiece, most of all – has been adequately covered. Finally.

Remember when I spoke of a “voyage inside the hidden nature of mankind” and how it was “literally exploring a part of ourselves that is rarely studied, if at all” or something like that? Well, it’s done. We have gone through so much together, reader. After reading all of this, you, like me, have a clearer understanding of the hidden nature of mankind – and this is what makes Sumer so fascinating. Schizphrenia? Delusional? Paranoid? Bipolar? Mix of all the above? We might just never know.

I can’t end this masterpiece without a conclusion. These days, Sumer is still active, and he’s still doing what he does best: posting in Google Finance’s forum, under the ticker of Apple (AAPL), talking to the imaginary friends I mentioned earlier. Funnily enough, each of them has a personality: Farmer is a rogue FBI agent out to get Sumer, Michael Uriel is… I don’t know, you decide for yourself. Feel free to check him out, but be aware than any reply to him will place you on the FBI watchlist.

Check this post, for example:

i mean you know “FREE SPEECH” they say is “FREE SPEECH”
but yet you can not yell in an airplane things like ” ALLAH AKBAR!!! THIS IS A HIJACKING. DEATH TO AMERICA!!!”

Technically, you can – but I’m not sure what the consequences would be. If you actually do it, please make a Youtube video about it (someone else would most likely have to upload it, though).

Another gem of his, posted on Jul 9th, 2013:

in other words somebody has bugs in them.


maggots are controlling someone’s human brain and thus
they can not speak STRAIGHT.

or perhaps they are in america
and maggots become other humans that influence your thoughts and

It’s the maggots now, obviously. And maggots are of course… white! Four years later and Sumer is still at it. Unbelievable. And he’s still not over the “IRS” that “ruined his life,” by the way. Am I wrong to doubt his version of the story a little bit? Seven years, he’s still at it, obsessed more than ever.

There is much more to discover about Sumer; it’s an ever-evolving story. Check his posts on Liveleak, for example:

You may say ” Sumer is mentally retarded ” but you are part of a system that believes in being gay is OK. when you give ” OK ” to being “gay” you also give OK to being “Straight”.

Neither being straight or Gay can be “OK” because science claims in the beginning there was nothing and in the end there will be nothing,

Okay, Sumer. In any event, there is much, much more to be said and discovered about Sumer, but I will let you, the reader, have the pleasure of discovering them. Send me your favorite Sumer quotes; I will post the “top 5” I received by the end of 2013 as an update to this story (believe me, even a “top 100” would be easy to do).

Finally, I’d like to end this with one of my favorite quotes of him of all times:

an “if question”

February 23rd, 2012 by sumer_

if you did not exist, would you still have to
serve time behind prison ?

this means if you cut your arm off, your arm won’t
serve time behind prison.

I think you’re onto something here, Sumer. You should become a lawyer.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you appreciated discovering the world of Sumer Kolcak.



P.S.: There is always a P.S. in all great things, ain’t it? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=02a_1369788819 (make sure to read the comments)


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