The Top Ten Most Annoying Hobos: 8) Weirdo

8- Weirdo


There is no other way to describe that person. He’s just… weird! Weirdo (not to be confused with Birdo) looks like a fish and has the curliest hair I can imagine. It’s like his hair was hit by a tornado or something – or maybe his hair is a tornado.

Weirdo is the hardest person in the group to describe. He just goes around and comes around and walks around all night, maybe like a true insomniac. He’s not very annoying, except for one little detail: he asks me the same question every single night without exception, over and over again. In fact, every single time we have the following dialog:

“What you doing?”


And that’s where my relationship with Weirdo ends. Still not very annoying, he’s way down the list, only occasionally throwing my concentration off for a few minutes.

There isn’t much to add on him. He’s just fucking weird. He sometimes  sleeps in the Concert Zone (how can he even do that?), but I prefer to say that he’s meditating for some kind of untold purpose. Maybe one day I will learn his true motivations and write a trilogy about him.


Alternative Theory: The Missing Link


In the Theory of Evolution, he’s the famous and much-searched missing link between apes and fishes.

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