Mia posted, website finished

Well, well - finally. I confess, I much prefer to write than code or design a website. Still, it had to be done and it has been done. I now have a fully functional, highly-optimized, SEO-performing website to publish my work to.

I’ve added the categories “parts” for multi-part stories (novellas, mostly) as well as the “news” categories for all updates and news on me. Overall, this makes it very easy for me to quickly post new stories and adventures to the right category, with everything updating correctly. Permalinks, categories, loops, variables, feeds, advertising, RSS, everything should be functional and automatically updated; from now on, I just have to click “publish” (and actually write the text, you know).

I consider this a huge milestone for me. This is something that I’ve wanted for a very long time. Who knows, maybe one day I will look back at this post and smile.

To celebrate, I am posting one of the stories I have written almost a year and a half ago, and a story I am deeply attached to for various reason. The story is called “Mia” and relates to online gaming addiction. I feel it’s a vast subject that is vastly understudied and underestimated and I hope this short story sheds some light on the topic. It talks about my little cousin who was addicted to the game.

I have many, many exciting new posts coming.

Happy reading!


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