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altright banned

RIP /r/altright

If there’s one thing in life I hate more than Muslims, it’s certainly racist people. I’m not saying that racist people are wrong… Hold on a minute, actually, yes I am. Racist people are pieces of shit. There are few things more annoying in life than this “it’s all the black/jews/Muslims’ fault!” If you listened […]

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nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch Sucks And Will Fail Horribly

So after the disaster that was the Wii U – basically just another desperate attempt to capitalize on their “Wii” brand – Nintendo has decided to launch another terrible console, this time named the “Nintendo Switch.” Needless to say, it looks completely outdated before release, it looks really stupid and it will fail heavily. One […]

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I hereby declare that Hillary Clinton won the elections

It is now 6:07PM on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, and I hereby declare that Hillary Clinton has won the elections and become president. Here’s why:   The first polls close at 6:00PM exactly. Look at what happened to volatility, in this case UVXY, at exactly 6:00PM, the time the very first voting booths close. Obviously, […]

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Reddit’s /r/personalfinance is really dumb

A couple of months ago, I somehow stumbled upon, possibly the most deluded and the most obsessed subreddit since /r/keto. I would call it a cult, but I feel the personal finance subreddit is far more dangerous than a cult. The biggest problem of personalfinance is that none of it makes sense: from the ridiculous, […]

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Intelcom Courrier Sucks

If you order something and it’s being delivered by Intelcom Courrier, you’ll never get it. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of joke or something, but Intelcom Express, or Intelcom Courrier, seems to be trying to break the record for the worst delivery on the planet. I had three unfortunate deliveries that went through ICC and I […]

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Is there a point going on?

Every morning when I first open my eyes, the first thing that goes through my mind is sadness. I’m sad that I didn’t somehow die in my sleep and that this nightmare isn’t over yet. I’m sad that I have to spend one more day observing this world and its atrocities. A long time ago, I […]

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