FSComeau stream Achievement List

In order to make my stream more interesting, I present to you the list of the following achievements. Each achievement comes with its number of points attached to it. Achieving achievements earns achievements points which unlock rewards for the viewers. The rewards are:

Points neededReward’s nameReward Description
10,000Stocks 101Free class on the stock market + 5 free company analysis
30,000The Faceless Man???
50,000Lord Helix???
60,000Marathon Man???
80,000 QE???
90,000A Gift From Above???
110,000Major League???

Unlocking a reward unlocks the description of the next reward. All achievements are listed below; please feel free to add ideas for possible achievements in the comments - anything you can think of.

Achievement’s nameAchievement descriptionPoints
1Every journey begins with a small stepGet a yolo day!100
2YolobeginnerGet 3 yolo days in a row200
3YoloapprenticeGet 5 yolo days in a row500
4YolotraderGet 10 yolo days in a row1000
5YoloexpertGet 15 yolo days in a row2500
6YolomasterGet 20 yolo days in a row5000
7God of YoloGet 25 yolo days in a row10000
8IndecisiveGet a yolo, not yolo, yolo and not yolo day in a row500
9Penny pincherEarn $100 in a day100
10Minimum wagesEarn $250 in a day200
11Now we’re talkingEarn $500 in a day500
12T6i time!Earn $750 in a day1000
13One thousand dollar HYPEEarn $1,000 in a day2500
14ITS OVER NINE THOUSANDS!!!!!!!!!Be $10,000 in the positive2500
15A year’s salaryBe $20,000 in the positive2500
16Full time jobBe $30,000 in the positive2500
17F.S.BuffetBe $40,000 in the positive2500
18I finally covered last year’s lossesBe $50,000 in the positive2500
19Into the stratosphereBe $60,000 in the positive2500
20To the moon, baby!Be $70,000 in the positive2500
21We left the galaxyBe $80,000 in the positive2500
22We just left the confines of the UniverseBe $90,000 in the positive2500
23CrybabyCry on stream after a big loss100
24Baby traderMake 25 roundway trades in a day100
25UndergradMake 50 roundway trades in a day200
26GradMake 75 roundway trades in a day300
27Ph.D.Make 100 roundway trades in a day500
28AddictedMake 150 roundway trades in a day750
29OK, now you can stopMake 200 roundway trades in a day1000
30Go outside, broMake 250 roundway trades in a day2000
31KappaGo from a +$500 day to a -$500 day100
32FrankerZGo from a -$500 day to a +$500 day500
33Premature tradaculationEarn $250 within ten minutes of trading500
34“How do I youtube?”Get 100 subscribers100
35Youtube beginningGet 200 subscribers250
36I’m getting the hang of it.Get 300 subscribers500
37Youtube proGet 400 subscribers750
38Youtube superstarGet 500 subscribers1000
39Youtube masterGet 1,000 subscribers2500
40SmileStream to 100 people at the same time250
41JoyStream to 200 people at the same time500
42KindnessStream to 300 people at the same time750
43PeaceStream to 400 people at the same time1000
44HarmonyStream to 500 people at the same time1500
45YBeat an estimate1000
46OBeat two estimates2000
47LBeat three estimates3000
48O!Beat five estimates5000
49Epic failLost $250 on your very first trade of the day100
50Rainbow YoloWin ten times in a row500
51Hard’s day workAfter losing $250 in a day, come back to finish over $500 in profits500
52Comeback KingAfter losing $500 or more in a day, come back to finish in the positive1000
53Penny by pennyEarn less than $1.00 per trade for the day, earn at least $1001000
54UpgradeSpend $2,000 to upgrade the stream’s quality500
55JokerStream something that has nothing to do with finance100
56Old Time’s SakeEarn $5,000 on an apple earnings1000
57To the ground!Short a small cap stock and earn at least $250500
58CRUSHED!Earn $1,000 with a time decay trade250
59All angles coveredEarn $1,000 by selling covered calls250
60SweatyEarn $1,000 by selling OTM puts250
61SuperdayTrade from market opening to closure250
62OvertimeEarn $500 from trading in afterhours or at night250
63Night owlEarn $250 trading after midnight250
64Binge drinkingDrink 1 shooter for every $50 in gain. Earn at least $500.500
65Counter-intuitiveEarn money while trading drunk250
66The BodyEarn $500 by trading at least 5 different products1000
67The SoulEarn $500 with 5 roundway trades or less1000
68The SpiritEarn at least $500 with every trade in the green1000
69Our LordFinish a day with at least $500 in gains with 5 different products all green1000
70And SaviorComplete at least 50 trades without losing money2500
71OathbreakerPlay poker on stream250
72LoserStream on a Saturday Night250
73ChurchSomehow manage to earn $100 on a Sunday morning250
74Martial disciplineStream for a full week without missing a day250
75Spartian DisciplineStream for two full weeks without missing a day500
76Iron DisciplineStream for a full month without missing a day750
77Will of fireStream for two full months without missing a day1000
78UnbreakableEndure 3 days of losses in a row, then win it all back on day 4500
79Shorter!Short a company that falls at least 50%500
80BankruptcyShort a company into bankruptcy500
81Circuit BreakerLose $1,000 in a day100
82Sick beatPuke on stream250
83Master of all tradesTrade 10 different profits in a day, earning profits on all 101000
84The Haunted iPhoneReceive a phone call, actually take it during the stream100
85That one hurtLose money in 5 trades in a row100
86CursedLose money in 10 trades in a row50
87I’VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORESay “I’ve never seen anything like this before” on stream while you mean it50
88HEDGE FUND!Successfully ride a hedge fund rally100
89Short sellerMake a YOLO just with short selling in a day500
90Fast moverClose a trader within 3 seconds of opening it500
91Long haulKeep a trade open for all the stream, earn at least $500500
92IN THE MONEY, BABY!Keep a pre-market trade open until the end of the session500
93RAGEFlip out after a big loss, blame hedge funds/god/manipulators250
94CHOO CHOO!Earn $100 for ten days in a row250
95ALL ABOARD THE YOLO EXPRESSEarn $250 for ten days in a row500
96NEXT STOP: YOLOSTATIONEarn $500 for five days in a row750
97HMS YoloEarn $750 for three days in a row1000
98Consistency is the key!Earn $100 for every trading day in a month2500
99C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!Lose a week’s worth of gain in a single session100
100PrayerPray for a gain on stream100
101One-hit wonderEarn at least $500 with one trade500
102SniperDo less than 10 trades for five days in a row, earn $100 or more each day1000
103BazookaDo more than 50 trades for five days in a row, earn $100 or more each day1000
104ChampagneAfter a big gain, run to buy a Champagne and drink it on stream50
105Cocky AssholeSmoke a cigar after a big win, watch your gains vanish before the cigar ends100
106Buy lowBuy a product at its day low500
107Sell highSell a product at its day high500
108Gut wrenchingObserve a $500 loss in real time without doing anything50
109HentaiWatch some porn while forgetting the stream is still active50
110Short storyWrite an entire short story while streaming250
111Baba for AlibabaActually manage to make money off Alibaba250
112Apple callStream your reaction to the Apple earnings, with a position in it1000
113Apple WatchPromise to buy an Apple Watch if you hit a grand slam on Apple250
114ERGet an anxiety attack while streaming, do not pass GO, end at hospital (again)100
115fsyolomomGet a call for your mom, end up +$100 positive by the end of the call100
116I can dodge bullets!Cover a position second before the position would have lost you $500500
117Twitter newbGet 300 followers300
118Twitter beginnerGet 400 followers400
119Twitter amateurGet 500 followers500
120Twitter starGet 750 followers750
121Twitter expertGet 1,000 followers1000
122Twitter masterGet 1,500 followers1500
123Bull marketEarn $500 going long on the S&P500250
124Dotcom bubbleEarn $250 shorting the NASDAQ250
125Financial CrisisEarn $500 shorting the S&P500250
126I choose you PikachuAsk the chat for advice, follow the advice, earn money250
127RelaxStream a video game100
128ApplejackMake $250 shorting Apple250
129Rainbow DashEarn $250 in less than a minute1000
130Twilight SparkleDrink a beer with a viewer in real life, become friend250
131FluttershySpend 1 hour without talking300
132Pinkie PieAfter a big gain, scream and celebrate loudly100
133RarityEarn $500 trading, spend it all on frivolous crap (clothes, Apple Watch, etc)100
134Last minuteAfter losing for 2h 20 mins straight, make it all up plus $100 at the last 10 mins1000
135Surf!On a strong trendy day, a wave all the way up/down, positively250
136Bad beatGet not-yolo three days in a row4
137DownturnGet not-yolo five days in a row3
138Cold StreakGet not-yolo seven days in a row2
139DepressionGet not-yolo ten days in a row1
140Pillow biterScream in your pillow after making a mistake50
141Bear marketEarn money three days on a row while the market is down500
142Engine Warming upReach yolo power level 1100
143Destination: bus stationReach yolo power level 2500
144Destination: ChinaReach yolo power level 31000
145Destination: MOONReach yolo power level 41500
146Destination: MarsReach yolo power level 52000
147Destination: AndromedaReach yolo power level 62500
148Destination: CONFINES OF THE UNIVERSEReach yolo power level 73500
149Destination: CONFINES OF SPACE AND TIMEReach yolo power level 85000
150Going all-inReach yolo power level 97500
151No way backReach yolo power level 1010000
152Senior HouseBuy $5,000 worth of stocks in “retirement stocks”250
153Senior MansionBuy $10,000 worth of stocks in “retirement stocks”250
154Senior CastleBuy $20,000 worth of stocks in “retirement stocks”250
155Tabar…Cuss out in French at a stock100
156The BottleYou know what this one is.100
157Nerve calmerDrink an entire beer while holding a very dangerous trade.250
158League of LegendsPlay a League of Legends game in its entirety while holding a trade250
159What the shell?Buy a triple leverage fund and hold for over a week250
160CRAPForget to close one of your position before the market closes250
161Counter-play!Short two inverse triple leverage ETF at the same time for a week or more250
162Heart attackTell viewers you’re going to have a heart attack while awaiting Apple earnings100
163PG13Spend an entire stream session without cussing100
164APPLEPARTY Celebrate yet another perfect Apple earnings with a party on stream250
165Marathon man Go for a 3 miles run while streaming 100
166 Karma Win exactly the amount you loss back in the preceding trade (at least $100) 250
167 Bad Karma Lose exactly the amount you loss back in the preceding trade (at least $100) 100
168 Back and forth Go positive, negative, positive, negative, then positive again 250
169 Finance coachMake a stock market coaching session and upload it on Youtube, get 100 thumbs up 100
170 DiscoveryTrade a stock you never heard of before, earn $100 250

Suggest possible achievements for the rest of this list.


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  1. KaiserSoze September 6, 2015 at 3:28 pm #

    Have watched the past few streams on youtube, fantastic!
    Hilarious and honest, big respect from Scotland.

    Patrick or Paytrick?

    • KaiserSoze September 6, 2015 at 3:33 pm #

      I should add thoroughly informative and insightful, learned more from your stream already than any bullshit in uni.

    • F.S. Comeau September 6, 2015 at 8:10 pm #

      Paytrick hahahaha

      First week was pretty much a warm-up or tryout. Next week is going to be much more focused and much more intense (with still a few pronunciation placed here and there).

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