Are you ready to take the Sumer Kolcak challenge?



1)  Go to any airport in the US without any form of identification on you. Bonus point if you wear a turban.

2) Buy a one-way ticket from one large US city to another. New York is the most optimal destination.

3) While boarding your plan and going through security, hand any TSA agent the following flyer:


4) Do not say any other word no matter what happens, ever.

5) See how long they keep in you jail/prison/Guantanamo Bay before releasing you (if they ever release you)


0-12h: You have failed. Time to go to Istanbul.

12-24h: The void has not yet called you a true disciple. Better luck next time.

1-7 days: Getting there. Listen to “Serial Killer” by Slash’s Snakepit for extra courage. Find a loophole.

7-14 days: Cosmos - Magnetism is a Violation of Laws of Void ?

14 days - 1 month: You’ve just beaten the God of Infinity’s world universe record.

1 month-1 year: You win the most disgusting recipe in the universe:


Several years: By now, the void should start talking to you. You have become the two two.

Rest of your life: I may get locked up for telling you this.. but that is okay. i have a dynamo in my imagination to ensure when they lock me up i can convert that into light..

The void calls. Will you answer?

Remember: technically speaking, you’ve done nothing wrong. I mean, I’m not sure of that, because I have no idea that picture you’re supposed to hand says, but technically speaking, that is not illegal.



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