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Roku: The World’s Worst IPO

Question: how far can you take a joke? Can you actually launch a company based on nothing but complete speculation and random projections? Can you do an IPO based on nothing but a $50 machine that is competing against pretty much every other tech company in the world and that nobody knows about? Can you […]

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dh corp sucks

DH Corp: Another garbage stock made in Canada

From the same people who brought you Bombardier, HCG, Valeant and Concordia, here comes DH Corp, the latest worthless company to hit the news big. Much like Valeant, DH Corp is a solid company with great asset, a long track record and fantastic return – that is, until they started crashing and nothing could save […]

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Not the most cogent hate mail I ever received…

Most of the comments and e-mails I┬áreceive are positive, encouraging and genuinely nice. However, there are always outliers. Here is one hate mail I thought was too brilliant to pass up: hey dumbass I like how you made a post “dividends are for suckers” and then wrote a whole post on reits saying that you […]

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AD-AS economy

Economics: A complete waste of time

Before I start this article, I have to place a small disclaimer: at its highest level, economics indeed has validity. When properly developed, studied and presented, economics does have its place. However, 95%+ of economists are complete morons who are barely able to add fractions. This article should really read as “why 95% of economists […]

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alberta economy

Why should a company care about its stock price?

I received a fan mail (!) recently. It’s pretty rare for me to receive an e-mail that is not filled with insults death threats, so I think it’s worth reposting and discussing it here, especially given the interesting question it contains: Hey Fs, great website, huge fan! I’ve started studying finance during my free time […]

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alberta economy

Go full yolo and buy TSE:D.UN tomorrow morning

What do you get when you cross, “ridiculously oversold,” “massively undervalued,” “kickass dividend covered by earnings” and “huge stock buyback that eliminates shares at this crazy low level”? You get TSE:D.UN, which is as perfect as a stock can be. If Dream Office was liquidated tomorrow, its assets sold at a 10% discount (a MASSIVE […]

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Anyone else tired of clickbait bullshit?

About five years ago, I studied the now-lost art of copywriting. One chapter in one book in particular always stuck with me: the author discussed an engineering magazine (you know, magazine that publishes engineering studies and results) and how nobody would read it. People would receive it and wouldn’t even open it. To make things […]

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