Home Capital Group: a 15% dividend? (TSE:HCG)

I received an interesting e-mail this morning, about a company I was following (Home Capital Group – TSE:HCG). hey man, HCG just fell 60% and now has a dividend of 15%. You think there is a bit of an opportunity here? tyvm   How many times must I repeat that a higher dividend means a […]

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Buying Calls vs. Selling Puts

I received an interest question today, about options. “FS i’d like to understand the difference between selling puts and buying calls. In both cases, it seems you are bullish on a position. For instance, if I am bullish on Apple, both buying calls or selling puts seem to make sense and seem profitable. Tyvm.” When […]

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canada goose

Canada Goose is crashing!? I am SHOCKED!

What a complete and utter coincidence! It’s almost as if I saw this one coming! Can you believe such a stellar company could be down post-IPO? With a barely inflated P/E ratio of 62? For a clothing company (aka a fad) in a world where 90% of retailers are dying? IMPOSSIBLE! Someone call the SEC!

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Impulsive + Stupid = …

From XX: u are 1 of the biggest idiots ive ever seen. first u bash technical analysis which u obviously never looked into because what u said about it was bashing FURU analysis, not real TA. Then u and ur almighty fundamental strategy that requires so much math and hard work isn’t even fundamental trading. […]

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Major bugs & direction changed

Many of you have written to me stating you couldn’t access my website in recent days, instead seeing an entire page of “weird symbols.” The fix has been slow because I was unable to reproduce the problem. Then, it was hard to pinpoint the exact cause. After much research, during which I wrongfully thought conflicting […]

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Snapchat: the worst company of all times?

I know I wrote an article on it recently, but I think it’s worth repeating: Snapchat is quite possibly the worst company in the universe. I can’t imagine it staying above $10 as soon as lockup periods expire / people get down their rush. To state that it obtained a $30B valuation is simply beyond […]

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