FSComeau stream Achievement List

In order to make my stream more interesting, I present to you the list of the following achievements. Each achievement comes with its number of points attached to it. Achieving achievements earns achievements points which unlock rewards for the viewers. The rewards are: Points needed Reward’s name Reward Description 10,000 Stocks 101 Free class on […]

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S&P wehre

Ten fundamental rules of daytrading

As I am typing this, I about 30 minutes from beginning my daytrading livestream on Youtube. I thought I would take a few minutes to present Ten Fundamental Rules of Daytrading. As those rules were passed down to me by The Masters, I am now passing them onto you. Those rules are what I consider […]

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VXX: The only product guaranteed to hit $0.

I finally discovered how to make money with almost 0 risk: shorting NYSEARCA:VXX. One small caveat before I start: the managers were kind of smart and put an expiration date to their scam. Therefore, it will not hit “zero, zero,” but rather a number close to it. It already did quite a few reverse splits to […]

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Be an hero and invest in oil

  Everytime someone tells me oil will absolutely keep falling, I ask the exact same question: “So, then, you are shorting oil, right?” … and every timeI get the same answer. “No.” Why not? If you are absolutely sure oil will keep falling, why aren’t you taking the free money by shorting oil? In other […]

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The Cursed Apple Watch

I never made any effort to hide the fact that I was an absolute Apple fan. Everyone in my entourage knows I’m probably one of the most devoted Apple aficionados on the planet. I bought the first iPod, the first iPhone, the first iPad and pretty much every edition in between. I faced my first dilemma when […]

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Do the obvious and buy BABA ahead of earnings

SO some market manipulators have managed to push Alibaba down below $80. “Alibaba is a scam! Alibaba is over! It’s going to crash!” I laughed it hard as they tried to give a negative spin to every single piece of news they could find. “Alibaba is acquiring too many companies!” “Alibaba is selling too many things […]

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