Bye bye Aimia (TSE:AIM)

I hate to say it, but I almost bought Aimia a week ago. That’s right: just one little week ago. Well: Aimia: another garbage stock made in Canada. For those who haven’t followed, Air Canada is launching their own reward program. There goes 80% of Aimia’s business I’m so fucking tired of all the fucking […]

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snapchat drop

Bye Bye Snapchat!

A couple of whiles ago, I told all you guys to short Snapchat: Snapchat: the worst company of all times? I can’t wait for Snapchat to double so I can short the hell out of it I said $26 would be its all-time high forever. I said it was a worthless company and massively overpriced. […]

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defense constructors

Should you buy CAE Inc.? (TSE:CAE)

My top, top patron asked me a question today: whether or not you should invest in CAE Inc., perhaps one of the most known Canadian companies. While CAE Inc. does many things, it is certainly most known for its flight simulators. In addition, it builds some things for the healthcare industry and also the defense […]

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New website (plus WordPress and Youtube problems!)

A couple of weeks ago, I changed my webhost. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with the one I had, except for three things: They were very expensive They were very slow Every single facet of my hosting experience was riddled with problems and issues In other words, yeah, my former webhost was garbage. I’m not […]

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agg vs spy

Should you invest 100% of your money into stocks?

Here comes another question, this time from a patron: Quick question: my current stock allocation is 100% in the stock market. I have been told by a friend who is an analyst at a bank and by people online that I should diversify into bonds and preferred shares. What do you think about that? Also, […]

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spy reit

Should you buy REITs when you’re young?

Hey fs quick question, love your blog. I see you recommend real estate reits a lot and I did invest in your top 3 picks. However I wrote to a stock analyst and he commented back that you shouldnt buy Reits when you’re young……… That you should go for high-growth instead……. What do you think […]

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artis dividend

My top, top holding

I received an interesting question today from one of my patron. He asked me what my “top, top holding” was, i.e. the stock I have the most money in. Well, to be honest, the answer tends to vary quite a bit from one day to another, depending on the trades I’m doing and what I’m […]

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