God of Infinity: Prologue

Dear Scientists,

You as a scientist bare the responsibility to save humanity, the code to infinity as been cracked and i am here to give you the data

A perfect beginning for a perfect text. I mean, you could stop reading here and pretty much guess what this whole text is about – and I do love that! Straight to the point, Sumer! One sentence and you know exactly is going to follow (take a guess?).

The code to infinity has been cracked… Fucking finally! I mean, it was way more than time already! Can you believe how long it took for that fucking code to be cracked? I have been waiting for it forever! What, not you? How could you live without knowing the code to infinity?

it is now your job to give up on jealousy and start
your mission of experimenting this science, i am unable
to give you the entire data right now because i do not
believe you can handle the truth. i want you all to get
on your feet and start the experiments, as you experiment
you will find the answers on your own, this will make you
a better scientist.

just remember, if you ignore this article, you should hold
yourself responsible for all the deaths and misery humanity
is going through right now.

In this text (I’m not sure how else to describe it, honestly? A diatribe? A rant?), Sumer will bring back the theme of jealousy over and over again. Why so? Because he’s the one who has cracked the code, of course. How could you possibly not be jealous? Have you cracked the code yourself? No? Fuck you!  And if you aren’t jealous of him, it’s simply because you aren’t a scientist. You can’t understand.

That being said, there’s one thing I don’t understand, Sumer: if “we” have a “responsibility” to “save humanity,” then why won’t you simply give us “the data”? Because we are unable to handle the truth? But if we are unable to handle the truth, what can we do to save humanity?

Oh, yeah… We should “start the experiments” to become “better scientists.” Experiments on what, Sumer.  On what?

every day, people are committing suicide, everyday evil
stuff is happening on earth, you will not deny the truth.

Suicide is another theme that will come back often in his text. Sumer: grand-master of the technique of foreshadowing. The two main theme of his work are: jealousy and suicide. Then again, ain’t that a perfect metaphor of life itself? No? Oh well.

In a way, it’s kind of sad that Sumer talks about suicide all the time, and this text is quite appalling in itself. Which leads me to my next point: this is on-par with Shakespeare in terms of drama (mostly because reading it is a tragedy in itself).

open up your eyes and accept it, i am the one that has cracked
the code, and give up that jealousy within you to become the
one, it is too late now, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE “ONE”.

Wait I don’t get it, you have cracked the code and you are the “ONE ONE,” but we can also become “ONE”, except there can be only “ONE ONE”? What the fuck? Is it too late or not, Sumer?

These three lines conclude what I would like to call “The prologue.” They introduce the rest of the text perfectly. There can only be “one one.” Makes sense.

Reevaluate whether or not you want to dive in that universe (it is not too late yet), and if you do want to continue, let us move to Part One, called “THE ONE ONE”. How else could I call it?

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  1. Anonymous July 25, 2014 at 5:30 pm #

    I was sadder reading all the things you have written, than the sadness I felt while reading Sumer Kolcak’s texts. What kind of a person would spend to produce all these genius ideas and write down a commentary on an ill person? It is obvious from the first sentence of Sumer Kolcak that he is a psychiatric patient. Even though, he is right on some things he said like racism, as you dare to write without searching and learning that Turkish people are not Arabs and not most of them have a dark skin color… and you make this a subject to have fun on a mentally ill person who didn’t choose by himself to be that way. I advice you think about him and yourself again. Is he sick because he is talking nonsense just because he has different dopamine levels than an healthy person or are you sick because you claim yourself smart commenting on an ill person? At least he is just ill. What about you?

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