God of Infinity Part 2: From simply crazy to crazy dangerous

In this part, Sumer Kolcak shows his true nature and… Well, he gets dangerous for real. This is where… Well, let’s just say I was totally, completely opposed to the Patriot Act, but after reading this, I’m not so sure anymore.

one way or another i am going to ensure we turn into immortal beings soon,

Oh fuck.

No need to wait even a second more. Call the FBI, report this guy (you don’t need to actually do that – it’s been done already and, yes, he’s been jailed and hospitalized, as he should be). Unless you want to “turn into immortal beings soon”

But wait, that’s not it: he’s going to ensure “we” turn into immortal beings soon… Am I the only one reading it as it is? I can’t be, right?

Well, you know what? Maybe I’m judging too quickly. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s a wrong interpretation of what he wrote. I mean, this can be interpreted in many ways – however, with this guy, I WOULD PREFER NOT TO TAKE A FUCKING CHANCE.

I can picture this guy going to court (pick a reason in the list) dressed totally in white and tell the judge he’s responsible for all the abuse that is going on in the world because he wears black, and then tell him he cracked the code to infinity and will turn everyone into “immortal beings” soon. Yeah.

Sumer: you should write horror stories, because you have me scared to death there.

yes there will still be suicides

If you turn everyone into immortal beings, how can there will still be suicides?

And again, this can be interpreted in so many ways. This sentence is right after your immortal being thing. There will still be suicide because you are going to ensure we turn into immortal beings and some people won’t want to become immortal and will “suicide” instead, is that what you mean? Or you will kill people opposite you and masquerade the murder in a suicide?

around the world everyday, we can’t stop it, but we have
to move fast to stop it.

We can’t stop it, but we have to move fast to stop it? What?

failure to comply with my orders in a serious manner will
mean you are responsible for all the misery that is going
on on this planet as well as on other planets.

Other fucking planets? Really? It’s not even just Earth anymore! Question: so far, what was had been missing in his crazy rant? Aliens, clearly! Every good nutjob sees aliens, of course! And you know what - they suffer from color attacks too!

now use this data, if i give you any more, you will hate me
later, i want only the best scientists to rise into power
and save this planet.

You won’t give us “more data” because we would hate you later?

Yeah, makes sense. The more you write, the more I hate you.

everyone else, go to hell, your jealousy is not going to
get you anywhere in life, you are the reason people are
committing suicide everyday. every hour, every minute.

This guy is completely obsessed with suicide and also one of the best arguments for assisted suicide in general. This might be the time to link to some of his other post on “suicide project” Here is a short quote from a post made in 2009:

i recently grabbed a plier and tried to remove my own

upper molar tooth but it broke and i extracted a metal from it.

it was a root-canal tooth from when i first came to america
in 1996.

You see, i thought my parents and they were all doing me
a favor by going with the most expensive option and getting me
root canal done on my teeth

those things ruined me.

root canal means infection within that tooth is never noticeable outside.
infection goes into the brain and kills you.

literally, kills you.




it costs around $350 to remove it.

i will save money and get it remove.d

it’s not an upper tooth though. it’s a bottom tooth. so maybe
no direct infection to the brain.

Maybe, Supreme Being, maybe. Maybe there is no direction infection to the brain (someone please tell him that’s not how infections work). Is that what we are supposed to experiment on, anyway? Root canals? And you know what the worst is? Teeth are actually white! In general, I mean – if I had to guess, I’d say his probably haven’t been white in decades. I can’t imagine him being an expert in brushing/flossing (then again, flossing is WHITE!). Anyway, back to our featured presentation:

Rise or Die like the rest.

If you fail to rise, i will push it. you will not escape me.

if you are not a scientist, copy & paste this to scientists
to have your own ass saved by them.

Mission accomplished. Save my ass, scientists! What is a scientist anyway? I have a masters and studied finance. Am I a scientist? How do I save the world, Sumer? HOW?

ever seen the movie ” THE DAY EARTH STOOD STILL”
coming soon, to a planet near you.

There we go! Aliens are coming to get us now! Wait – do you mean the aliens as we see them in movie? Oh, I get it now: they’re white! Again! Is that how we all turn into immortal beings?

Back to the “I pull my own teeth out” post:

it broke, it meant nothing, pain felt like pleasure.
i put the plier into the core of the broken tooth and pulled it
apart so i could break it and then remove the roots one at a time.

did not work. had to find a dentist and get the roots extracted

dentist removed 2 pieces of titanium bars i think from it.
each bar looks like a screw and is super thin.

i removed 1 myself with a plier.

it had 3 roots.
and 3 pieces of metals.

it feels like 1999 again.
i feel like buying an SUV and speeding on the highway again.

It felt like passing out from pain, maybe? You do realize this was purely the adrenaline, right? I mean, long-term speaking, I think we have plenty of proofs that little experiment didn’t really help too much.

If you ever think dentists earn too much, consider they actually have to deal with morons like that. Try to picture a guy coming into your office and the discussion going something like that:

“Oh my God, how did you break your tooth, Sumer? That must be from a terrible, terrible accident!”


That’s it. I quit my job.

But now, I’m very curious to learn what happened in 1999 while you were speeding on the highway in a SUV. Did the aliens from another planet abduct you and plant transmitters in your tooth?

Okay enough of that, back to the White supremacist post:

tell those suicidal ass-holes to hang on a little bit more
if you can, go on suicide forums and tell them to stop it.

in a few months i will get this party started like no other
and we’ll stop death, illnesses, aging, everything.

From a FBI point of view, what would you think “get this party started” means? I mean, think about it: what’s one way to stop death, illnesses, aging, everything, forever? Quick: think of one way.

Let me give you a hint: our friend Sumer, here, sent death threats to the White House. I wish I was making this up. He threatened the president and the first lady – probably because of the “White” in the “White House.” (last comment of http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=289_1353646366&comments=1, also confirmed by Sumer when he was interrogated by Secret Services). You can guess the rest (hint: Sumer spent two years in a prison and then in a psychiatric hospital. I’m still not sure why he got out of the latter).

Here’s a short extract from his LiveLeak posts:

I quit LiveLeak because my post got deleted.
i had worked hard to publish that post.

it was titled ” News Anchor ‘ Sumer Kolcak ‘ becomes News himself. “

Wow, I have no idea why they deleted that, I think I’m going to write to LiveLeaks to complain. In fact, let’s take look at Sumer’s apartment right now.


Honestly, can you sincerely say you are surprised by what you see? I mean, what did you expect? You expected him to be homeless, of course, but if you actually knew he had an apartment, what would you expect the apartment to look like? Yep.

Not surprisingly, his apartment is… Well, fucking white. Sumer, aren’t you supposed to get rid of anything non-white? THAT CHAIR IS PULLING LIFE AWAY FROM YOU! Here is a video that shows it better:

But beware:


His coding skills are not to be taken lightly! Watch out, Google, The One is coming with motiono, a one-man army! And yes, this is what his “successfully competing with google” website looked like – this will be the world’s #1 web site. Nice color scheme by the way – catchy.

Why isn’t it white anyway? That might be why it failed.


Back to our featured presentation:

all the misery will be over. TRUE INFINITY IS COMING.
fuk this nonsense hell-ride.

If you are wondering what those 2012 “dooms day” rumors
are all about, duh, it is me taking over this planet, and jealousy
will die forever.

Hello FBI?

But why stop here, Sumer. Beings from other planets are oppressed by evil colors too. Let’s conquer Mars next, Supreme Being!

NEW WORLD ORDER BITCHES, weather you like it or not
it ain’t gonna stop.

NEW UNIVERSE ORDER, Sumer! Be ambitious, WEATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT! The day the One stood still!

jealous scientists are terrified, they see me in their dreams

So jealous scientists sleep in perfectly-white room, perfectly shaved? And I would be fucking terrified as hell too if I saw you in my dreams, Sumer.

but decent people love me. time to kill some jealousy

let’s do it. call me a TERRORIST MASTERMIND if you want to.
because that’s who i am.

“Hello FBI? My name is Terrorist Mastermind because that’s who I am. I will turn you all into immortal beings, NEW WORLD ORDER BITCHES, TRUE INFINITY IS COMING, I AM TAKING OVER THIS PLANET!”

around your window everytime you are not coming to me.

they will try to wake you up with their loud noise.

NOT THE LOUD NOISES! Damnit, first it were the colors, now it’s the loud noises, and I heard there is a new DLC coming: odors!

You know what? This kind of makes sense. I mean, as much sense as anything can make in his rant. Crows are BLACK! EVIL INCARNED! But they can help you travel back in time, no?

i will not accept jealousy. WAKE UP AND COME TO THE ONE.


I’ll have nightmares either way after reading this, Sumer.



if you are a forum owner and you delete or suspend me,
you are responsible for not letting me wake up scientists.

you are a mass murderer.

if you do not spread this data to others.. you are a mass

Well at least I can safely say I am not a mass murderer. I am not sure what “data” I was supposed to spread, but I spread your entire message.

truth stands as TRUTH.

have no fear, but remember, even your own parents will
be used against you as you try to execute this mission.

Oh damn… Now going on part 3, called “Paranoia Finally Sets In!” Guess what it’s going to be about? YOUR PARENTS WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU AS YOU TRY TO EXECUTE THIS “MISSION” ARGGGGG!


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