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Project 250k: Starting up (First trade: WD-40)

WD-40 (NASDAQ:WDFC) should handily beat earnings estimates and rise quite a bit this earnings season. Overall, I don’t see this stock going anywhere in the next year or two, but I do not think they will go down neither. Little hype is built into their earnings release and while I don’t think they’ll hit another […]

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Project 250k

Announcing Project 250k: Can a Master Trader earn $250,000 USD ONLY by trading earnings AND after posting all his trades ahead of time? Trading earnings has always been my specialty. Last season, I went pretty much perfect, with only a few minor problems on SBUX and COST (namely, my puts expired pennies out-of-the-money) and one blunder […]

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bond vs spy 2000

Another Question about Portfolio Allocation

I think you come off as too strong on the bonds hating. Bonds definitely have their place in a portfolio. One thing you didn’t mention is that having means reducing your portfolio volatility. You won’t have any of those -30% years as you call them if you split between bonds and stocks. Also, your portfolio […]

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Three Fantastic Canadian Retail Stocks

Recently, I’ve fallen in love with Canadian Retail Stocks. Canadians are probably the most sheepish consumers in the world. There’s a rare brand loyalty to stors that in my opinion you won’t find anywhere else. It’s like as people grow up, these stores become part of who they are. So here are three fantastic Canadian […]

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spy vs bonds

Bonds are for Morons

“I read your article on bonds and also the reply you posted to a comment. I think you are full of yourself and quite possibly the biggest idiot I have ever met online. It’s ironic you take yourself so seriously, yet only post replies to e-mails you have a rebuttal to. Full info: I am […]

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Bye bye Aimia (TSE:AIM)

I hate to say it, but I almost bought Aimia a week ago. That’s right: just one little week ago. Well: Aimia: another garbage stock made in Canada. For those who haven’t followed, Air Canada is launching their own reward program. There goes 80% of Aimia’s business I’m so fucking tired of all the fucking […]

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snapchat drop

Bye Bye Snapchat!

A couple of whiles ago, I told all you guys to short Snapchat: Snapchat: the worst company of all times? I can’t wait for Snapchat to double so I can short the hell out of it I said $26 would be its all-time high forever. I said it was a worthless company and massively overpriced. […]

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defense constructors

Should you buy CAE Inc.? (TSE:CAE)

My top, top patron asked me a question today: whether or not you should invest in CAE Inc., perhaps one of the most known Canadian companies. While CAE Inc. does many things, it is certainly most known for its flight simulators. In addition, it builds some things for the healthcare industry and also the defense […]

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