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$1,700 for an iPhone? Really?

I think Apple has officially gone too far. I realize that people will still buy it, but there’s no way I could ever justify $1,700 for an iPhone. No way. I know full-fledged gaming laptops that can run Skyrim on max settings that cost less than that. I realize miniaturization costs a lot and all, […]

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You’re breaking my heart, Apple.

It feels like forever since I even approached Apple. The story goes something like this: about a year ago, I know for a fact Apple will crush earnings estimates AND go up. I massively buy calls. I’m proven right and I make a nice tidy profit. I keep around a thousand shares of NASDAQ:AAPL, and […]

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Do the obvious and buy AAPL ahead of earnings

This is going to be the most obvious post I ever made. In fact, this article took me a while to write just because I consider it’s so obvious it shouldn’t even need an explanation. Apple reports its earnings on April 27th, after market closes. It’s set to obliterate earnings estimate again. However, that is […]

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A prayer to Apple, God of the Stock Market

Every night before I go to sleep, I do my prayer to the God Apple: Our Father, Who is in Cupertino, Holy is Your iPhone; Your Apple Stores come, Your products be distributed in China as they are in America Give us this day our daily one dollar stock price increase, and forgive those who short you, as we forgive […]

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