RIP /r/altright

If there’s one thing in life I hate more than Muslims, it’s certainly racist people.

I’m not saying that racist people are wrong… Hold on a minute, actually, yes I am. Racist people are pieces of shit. There are few things more annoying in life than this “it’s all the black/jews/Muslims’ fault!” If you listened to these guys, you’d believe the white race is perfect and everything else is garbage. Actually, you know what? That’s a perfect metaphor for Reddit’s /r/altright.

The first time I visited this subreddit, I thought it was some kind of prank. I remember there was some kind picture of a group of Nazis giving a flower to a kid. “This obviously proves the media lied about Nazis!!!!!”  The more I read, the more fascinated I became with the entire idea because it made no sense.

For instance, they claim the White race is superior, yet they hate Jews anyway. I’m pretty sure most Jews are white, so… I guess they just hate anyone that’s different from them. And you know what I hate the most in life? People who generalize a certain behavior to all members of a race. As if all Mexicans were illegal immigrants and all Jews were trying to destroy humanity.

So anyway, for those of you who don’t know, /r/altright was banned by Reddit today. It’s gone and its entire post history along with it. It’s not a big loss, but it’s a loss nonetheless. When you single out a group of people like that and try to erase them, you justify their existence. Reddit is playing into their weird “the media is controlled by the jews!!!!” or whatever it is, I never really got it. By trying to silence them, you make them louder because they can now claim they have been censured. They’ll find another place to post and they’ll be even more loud, more vocal and more radicalized. By banning them, Reddit has justified their existence. They’re martyrs now.

I disagree with the deletion of this subreddit and I think free speech should be defended at all cost.

With that being said, man that place was hellish. A few months ago, I found it from following a link on /r/the_donald (surprise surprise) and I grew fascinated about the topic. I’m not sure how deluded these people are, but basically, fuck them. I mean let me be blunt here: I’m pretty sure those people are trolling, but in the very remote and rare scenario that they aren’t, fuck those people. There are few things I hate more in life than nazi, or neo-nazis I guess. My article written six months ago is pretty clear about that.

So anyway, the entire subreddit becomes much more funny when you act as if everything is a big joke. Here’s a list summing up 99% of posts on that subreddit, along with my replies:


How about you mind your own fucking business for once?


Fuck off.

  • RACE TRAITOR!!!!!!!!

If you were in 1943 in Berlin, you could probably say something like that and get away with it, but until then (hold on…), fuck off.

  • THE REFUGEES!!! THE REFUGEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE REFUGEES

I swear 90% of posts on that subreddit is about Syrian refugees in Europe. My question is: who gives a shit? Seriously, who gives a shit? Do you live there? No? Kindly fuck off.

You do? Here’s the kicker for you, European racist. Here’s what you didn’t get: you could very well be at the place of that Syrian family you are denouncing. You could be that one man running away from the bombs, war, rapes, pillage and torture. What are you so afraid of anyway? That they’re going to have a better life?

  • They’re gonna establish the shariah law in Europe

Even if they do, 99% of /r/altright is led by men and sharias is unequivocally favorable to men, so what’s the problem?


Yes, some of the refugees are Muslims.

I’m so fucking fed up of stupid fucking racists who act like being Muslims like it’s some kind of crime or anything. 95+% of Muslims are very fine people. But somehow, the worst of Islam is associated to all Muslims. This would be like saying all Christians are bad because there are child abusing priests.

  • But in their countries, they torture people / kill gays / force women to wear the hijab

And in ours, we send our criminal to jail and are rejoiced at the prospect that they might get raped in jail.

  • They make too many children too fast and will soon outreproduce the white people!

Don’t stop taking your meds.

You know what, even if you’re right about that - so. Fucking. What.

You act as if being white somehow makes you more valuable. It doesn’t. Stop spouting that bullshit.

  • But white people have started every major society!

By oppressing and dominating their neighbors, yes. In an alternate version of this world, maybe the Arab world has conquered the world and is now dominating the world. Or maybe the Mali empire has managed to colonize the planet instead of the British and everyone is black. Or maybe Genghis Khan or the Japanese. Seriously man: have you ever considered the fact that people came to became the most powerful just because things played out this way, not due to some kind of genetic superiority?

  • But something something South Africa kicked out white people and then starved.

I’m sure the war, loss of infrastructure and cultural revolution had nothing to do with it.

  • Look at how fast Germany recovered after the war! It’s an economic powerhouse today.

Yeah, thanks to help from the Allies.

  • But look at Detroit today! Black people destroyed it!

You picked one city that had an economic downturn and then decided it was the black people’s fault. Okay. Have you ever considered the fact that perhaps the economic crisis there forced property prices down which then attracted poorer people?

  • Ah-HA! You just said black people are poorer!

They sure are, statistically, on average.

  • So they are inferior to white people then!

If you judge someone solely on his or her ability to earn money, then I suppose so. White people would then be considered inferior to Jews, based on this logic. So Jews should exterminate all white I guess. That includes themselves.

  • Black people commit more crime blah blah blah

You know, a couple of months ago, I was re-reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” and it made me realize just how much of that is due to racism. Let’s say I wouldn’t want to be a black man driving at 2AM on the highway in Alabama getting pulled over by a cop.

Looking at /r/altright, there’s definitely a group of white people who absolutely hate black people. And unluckily for black people, those people usually end up in positions of power, usually because they are looking for ways to be “tough” and get revenge for whatever the fuck they’re angry at. It’s hard not to wonder the effect it has on black people committing crimes.

  • But a study says that even adjusted for socioeconomic factors, black people are blah blah blah

You can use studies to prove almost anything. Even if we agree with the premise of your study, what does it prove?


Mein Kampf says to kill pretty much everyone. Your point?

  • There are terrorists among refugees.

Okay, and? There are terrorists among the general population too.

  • Mexicans steal our jobs! They are rapists!!!

Every couple of weeks, you get that one post about one guy who found one article about one guy that looks slightly brown and the subreddit erupts in a “Trump is right! Build the wall” echomania. Seriously, fuck off.

  • The mafia is unfair to us white people!

It is. Who cares. Don’t watch. I sure as hell don’t.



  • Our children see that on TV! It turns them gay too!

I’m pretty sure there are no, or at least very few gay marriages, on television. And even if they are, believe me, children are far more likely to be traumatized by the extreme violence than two men marrying.

About a week ago, I read an article on /r/altright about nurses in hospital being allowed to wear the nijab, but not a cross around her neck. People were outraged at how unfair it was and how discriminatory it was. I brought a simple point: the cross was banned because someone having a crisis could grab it and try to choke the nurse, something you couldn’t do with a nijab. I postulated that this was the reason the necklace were banned, not some form of advanced discrimination. People answered to me with rage, bashing me and even attacking me being “a paid shill.” Okay.

There’s few things I hate more than old racist fucks. Social justice warriors, perhaps. Social justice warriors have less might, but just as much, if not more, hate and spiel, and definitely more hypocrisy. I hate both categories equally, I think.

I think those people should spend less time being angry and more time working on making their lives better, but that’s just me.

P.S.: For the idiots who are sure to write me concerning the first line of this article - it’s clear satire. It’s a JOKE and a rather obvious one. Grow a sense of humor up.

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2 Responses to RIP /r/altright

  1. A Male Kate Moss Fan February 1, 2017 at 10:25 pm #

    Honestly, I hope it backfires and will be as effective as trying to put off the fire with gasoline. I’m not a Nazi but I think people should speak their mind with no negative consequences, that being said their ideology is stupid.

  2. ANdrew February 3, 2017 at 8:30 am #

    “If there’s one thing in life I hate more than Muslims, it’s certainly racist people.”

    literally the amount of cognitive dissonance in this single post is astounding.

    “You do? Here’s the kicker for you, European racist. Here’s what you didn’t get: you could very well be at the place of that Syrian family you are denouncing.”

    the issue is that alot of the people pouring in, are not refugees infact they are not even from syria, literally they are pakistanis, & afghans, nigerians, somalis. Only
    a small amount less than a quarter is even from syria.

    there are albanians pretending to be syrians, but they are quickly discovered because they cant speak arabic.

    i hope all people have a great life etc. but these welfare immigrants pouring in are unable to integrate, they have no education, & and are not going to
    get a great life in europe when they are unable to even read their own language in addition the white population is getting displaced in their own countries.
    you dont like muslims then why do you support the mass islamisation of europe etc.

    I personally live in denmark where i have somalis & arabs as neighbors. The somalis cant even speak understandable danish etc

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