Fuck you too, SAQ

I received a flyer by the mail. Here is what it basically said:

“GREAT SAVINGS! Tons of reduced items and tons of bonus points!”

Now, look at the flyer:


1,000 points = $1

If I buy a $10.90 bottle of wine, I get 250 points. That’s $0.25. Usable towards a future purchase, nothing less. Great savings my ass.  What an incredible bargain! For the small price of selling my entire personal information - as well as my entire shopping habits - I can get twenty-five cents usable towards a future purchase.

You know, they could have at least been more honest and made it so 1 points = $0.01, but they somehow felt the need to prop it up for a good zero, to make it look like you get some kind of good bargain. “Wow, 250 points!”

I can’t believe anyone would join this stupid program.

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