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canada goose

Canada Goose is crashing!? I am SHOCKED!

What a complete and utter coincidence! It’s almost as if I saw this one coming! Can you believe such a stellar company could be down post-IPO? With a barely inflated P/E ratio of 62? For a clothing company (aka a fad) in a world where 90% of retailers are dying? IMPOSSIBLE! Someone call the SEC!

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The Habit IPO: worth taking a bite?

**Update 11/25: Rebuying as soon as the downtrend ends.   It’s at least worth taking a look. The Habit, a fast-growing burger joint based in the United States, is having its IPO this week, probably on Thursday, and it’s by far one of the most popular upcoming IPOs are the moment. In fact, it’s almost […]

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Would you pay $10 per day to feed your dog?

To be clear, I wouldn’t. I don’t even pay $10 per day to feed myself. But in a world where people seriously buy insurance for their dogs, why not? For those of you who don’t follow the IPO market (that is, when a company becomes public and when everyone can invest in a company, not […]

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