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Reddit’s /r/personalfinance is really dumb

A couple of months ago, I somehow stumbled upon reddit.com/r/personalfinance, possibly the most deluded and the most obsessed subreddit since /r/keto. I would call it a cult, but I feel the personal finance subreddit is far more dangerous than a cult. The biggest problem of personalfinance is that none of it makes sense: from the ridiculous, […]

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Why Technical Analysis is 100% Bullshit

Before I go on, let me explain what “technical analysis” is for me. Technical analysis is the art of looking at this graph and thinking: “THIS ONE IS GOING UP TO SKY, BABY!!!” Or looking at this: And thinking, “THE MARKET IS GOING TO CRASH.” I like how they added “analysis” to “technical analysis” as […]

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TIL share buybacks increase shareholder equity

Today, I got a hate comment on my “Rana Foroohar is an idiot and a tool” (which she is). Here it is:   You know all those cowards who decide to post “anonymously”? Our friend here is one of those. Not only does he take the liberty to insult me, he doesn’t even have the courage […]

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