Axalta coating systems IPO

Remember when I said there were several outstanding IPO in the pipeline? Well, yeah. Today’s evaluation will be Axalta Coating Systems which boasts its slogan “Built for performance.” As opposed to what? Built for failure? All bad puns aside, what exactly is Axalta Coating Systems? Well, it’s a company that manufactures coating; basically, paint. I’ve […]

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The textbook definition of a moron: the guy who apple in a dip

The textbook definition of a moron

The textbook definition of a moron is this guy: Someone looked at his investments, looked at the price of Apple’s share, realized it was trading at $95.89 and decided it was time to sell. Yes. Someone looked at his hard-earned money and decided to get rid of his shares of Apple at perhaps the most ridiculously-low price […]

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Alibaba Logo

Why do people bother doing investment research when the only investment you need is Alibaba?

Serious question. I was reading some stock analysis from some research analyst somewhere today when I came to the painful realization that there is no reason to read an investment research in the first place. Why? Because there is only one company worth investing into and it’s this one: Notice how Alibaba, unlike Gopro, didn’t […]

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handt index day 7

Wall Street explained in 5 minutes

Imagine flipping a coin five times in a row and getting five tails. Guy A comes to you and says, “This coin has had five tails in a row. We are way past overdue a heads already. No coin can throw just tails all the time. All coins throw 50% heads and 50% tails and I don’t see why […]

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Terrasses Bonsecours Expectation vs Reality

Les Terrasses Bonsecours Gave Me Cancer

That’s it: I finally found the worst place in Montreal. It has been a wild ride, but I can finally close this part of my life for good. Forget Pacini and it’s gallon of salt, forget Scores and it’s I-can-believe-I’m-eating-that chicken and forget East Side Mario’s and its frozen garbage: Terrasses Bonsecours is so utterly […]

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Moncef va au casino

Moncef venait de recevoir un gros chèque de son nouveau locataire et avait décidé de fêter à son emplacement préféré : le casino. Aussitôt, il alla vers son jeu favori, la roulette. Ayant une stratégie infaillible, il tendit au croupier un billet de 20 $. « Rouge », dit-il. À son grand regret, la boule s’arrêter sur […]

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