Intelcom Express: The best Delivery Service on the Planet

This morning, I woke up, slightly depressed. Then, I looked through the window and realized: “Wow, we live in a world where Intelcom Express exists. How blessed we are!” Then, my depression was gone and my rheumatoid polyarthritis was cured. Forever.

You know, these days, many people doubt God even exists. But you only have to look at one of Intelcom Express’s trucks to realize God is real. How else can such utter perfection be achieved? When Babel raised his tower to God, he didn’t know men would not only try to emulate his dream, but actually fulfill it, centuries later, through a company called Intelcom Express.

Are you looking for reliable, quick, efficient, professional and extremely affordable delivery? Then look no further than Intelcom Express, also called “God’s gift to humanity.” With Intelcom Express, all my packages arrived exactly on time, down to the precise second. How can mere mortals be so punctual and efficient in a world ravaged by evil and torment? I do not know, but Intelcom Express has achieved the impossible.

Every delivery I’ve had through Intelcom was utter perfection. Every time I see Amazon shipped yet another package through these veteran professionals, I am elated at the prospect of dealing with some of the smartest logisticians on the surface of this planet. I know my package won’t get lost. I know I’ll get my package on time. And, most importantly, I know I’ll receive the professional and expert customer service I deserve.

I am not a man who cries easily, but the first time I received a package through Intelcom Courrier, I cried for a full two hours. Such beauty cannot be normally found on the face of this planet. I look at what the ISIS does to innocent civilians and then I look at Intelcom Express: those are two perfect opposite, extreme evil vs. absolute good. Intelcom Express is a beacon of hope in a world where darkness and oppression are now all too common.

It’s up to a point where I order things through Amazon just to see Intelcom Courrier again. Some people pay hundreds of dollars for therapy and that therapy doesn’t even bring them 5% of the joy Intelcom Express brings me. I spent $25 to order some random objects on Amazon just to brighten up my day and, dare I say, my entire week.

I would compare Intelcom Express to Ambrosia, but I think ICC is actually better than Ambrosia. It’s up to the point where I don’t even pray before bed anymore: I simply look at Intelcom Courrier’s page to find inner peace.

In a couple of months, I think Fedex, UPS, Purolator and all the others will simply disappear. There’s no point having an inferior product when absolute utopia exists. I encourage every reader to send all their packages through Intelcom Express: do a little bit of good in this world. Brighten up someone’s day.

Intelcom Group: God’s gift to humanity. Every time you find yourself wandering in the shadows of this universe, remember than Intelcom Express exists and will be there for you. Find solace in the simple presence of the best company on Earth.

Thank you, Intelcom Express.

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