Wolfie Has Fallen – How I Trolled the Entire Internet (Now OUT!)

Well, my book is now officially out:

This is a book I always planned to offer for free, so you can get it right now from Amazon for ABSOLUTELY FREE! It’s a great book in which I put much effort and I think readers will enjoy it. It will also allow you to relive those magical moments that led to this:


The book tells the entire story from the beginning, starting with my very first post on /r/wallstreetbets. It is some sort of homage to my story. It contains several details about the stream, about the posts I made and some completely new stories as well. Who can forget about Maplegate or Martin Shreklee?

The title, of course, is a reference to that key moment where I, well, fall. Viewers who witnessed this live will remember the emotions that were going on after Apple spiked and I “lost” everything.

The book also clears up the “inverse God” thing that was going on wallstreetbets which many of you have been wondering about for some time.

I hope you enjoy reading it and rediscovering that “massive troll.” For those who are interested, I have another book out that is also available right now, but it deserves its own post on fscomeau.com, which I will make in a day or two. The book is called Ashley and Sara and it is amazing. I will officially announce it in a day or two.

Happy reading!

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