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The Nintendo Switch Sucks And Will Fail Horribly

So after the disaster that was the Wii U - basically just another desperate attempt to capitalize on their “Wii” brand - Nintendo has decided to launch another terrible console, this time named the “Nintendo Switch.” Needless to say, it looks completely outdated before release, it looks really stupid and it will fail heavily. One […]

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The Only Two Good Things About Technical Analysis

I won’t hide that I despise Technical Analysis in its very nature. It’s possibly one of humanity’s oldest scam, up there with religion (in a way, technical analysis is a religion). I’m sure that if I could go back in time to Ancient Greece, I would find people using technical analysis there. “The price of […]

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The World’s Dumbest Guide to Trading

Today I found an article on trading so bad I could not resist posting an article about it, it is literally the dumbest thing ever written. I’d rather be forced to rewatch “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” than look at those “tips” again. So, without linking to the original article (and giving undue […]

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