Reddit’s /r/personalfinance is really dumb

A couple of months ago, I somehow stumbled upon reddit.com/r/personalfinance, possibly the most deluded and the most obsessed subreddit since /r/keto. I would call it a cult, but I feel the personal finance subreddit is far more dangerous than a cult. The biggest problem of personalfinance is that none of it makes sense: from the ridiculous, […]

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Shorting volatility ETFs (VXX, UVXY, TVIX)

I received an interesting question today about volatility ETFs: Hey Fs, love your website I just read your article about shorting VXX and was wondering why not short TVIX instead. It’s a double etf, meaning the decay is twice as high (or is it?). Also if you look at a graph, it crashed 90%+ this […]

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$1,700 for an iPhone? Really?

I think Apple has officially gone too far. I realize that people will still buy it, but there’s no way I could ever justify $1,700 for an iPhone. No way. I know full-fledged gaming laptops that can run Skyrim on max settings that cost less than that. I realize miniaturization costs a lot and all, […]

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Fuck you, Intelcom Express

If you order something and it’s being delivered by Intelcom Express, you’ll never get it. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of joke or something, but Intelcom Express, or Intelcom Courrier, seems to be trying to break the record for the worst delivery in existence. I had three unfortunate deliveries that went through ICC and I never […]

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Is there a point going on?

Every morning when I first open my eyes, the first thing that goes through my mind is sadness. I’m sad that I didn’t somehow die in my sleep and that this nightmare isn’t over yet. I’m sad that I have to spend one more day observing this world and its atrocities. A long time ago, I […]

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Photo of a 1kg gold bar isolated on a white background with clipping path

Gold: The Dumbest Investment of All Times

QUICK! Name me an investment that doesn’t pay dividends (ever), doesn’t really ever go up, costs money every month to store and is as volatile as the most risky stocks. Nothing coming to your mind? Well, it’s gold of course: When I first started studying finance, many many years ago, I was told I should […]

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The truth about Brexit

People today are trying to tell you that Brexit is “making a comeback” and “pulling ahead” of the “stay” vote. They claim the option of leaving Britain is at its highest, ever, and that Britain is definitely, totally leaving the European Union. The official narrative is that the leave option is gaining ground and becoming […]

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Source: http://www.economist.com/news/finance-and-economics/21568741-hedge-funds-have-had-another-lousy-year-cap-disappointing-decade-going

Ettore, “Master Trader,” speaks up.

A few days ago, I received a comment so dumb I just couldn’t ignore it. Here it is, from a certain Ettore, who is without a doubt a Master Stock Trader : Just for the hell of it, I checked how much hedge funds made in the last few years: In the last ten years, hedge […]

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Why you should never read anything by a “financial analyst”

Confession: in my entire life, I’ve never followed any financial analyst’s advice. Why? Three reasons: These people are, for the most part, complete fucking idiots. Those who aren’t idiots aren’t going to share their insights and discoveries with you. I’d never trust anyone in finance anyway Analysts are completely clueless and everything they spout is at […]

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apple after hour

You’re breaking my heart, Apple.

It feels like forever since I even approached Apple. The story goes something like this: about a year ago, I know for a fact Apple will crush earnings estimates AND go up. I massively buy calls. I’m proven right and I make a nice tidy profit. I keep around a thousand shares of NASDAQ:AAPL, and […]

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Not the most cogent hate mail I ever received…

Most of the comments and e-mails I receive are positive, encouraging and genuinely nice. However, there are always outliers. Here is one hate mail I thought was too brilliant to pass up: hey dumbass I like how you made a post “dividends are for suckers” and then wrote a whole post on reits saying that you […]

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Reviewing ALL Canadian REITs

Today I will do something incredible, something that, up until recently, I thought was impossible to do: I am going to review ALL Canadian REITs. That’s right: every single REIT on the list. REITs are interesting because they have a few uniques characteristics: first, they pay a distribution every month. That’s a monthly check in your […]

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Dividends are for suckers

Let’s face it: dividends suck. The biggest problem with dividends by far is that they are taxed to death. What begins as a $100 dividend ends up being $40-45 in your pockets (maybe). Since you cannot choose whether to receive the dividend or not, you are being “forced” to take a massive tax hit. Of […]

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David’s Tea Biggest Problem

I’m a huge fan of tea in general. Ever since I cut soda/milk/juice completely, hoping to finally get an BMI under 40, I’ve been drinking around 10 cups of tea per day. Of course, anyone who truly knows tea knows David’s Tea, yet its IPO was one of the biggest disaster of all times: This […]

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Lance Armstrong was Clever to Use Steroids

This is an article I wanted to write for a very long time. It goes against what is being promulgated in the media and this general picture of “Lance Armstrong lost everything.” Make no mistake: I’ve never considered Lance Armstrong a hero. He beat cancer – so fucking what? Millions of people have to deal […]

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The Worst Invention I Have Ever Seen

I was browsing through my spam mail as I usually do when I’m bored when I saw this: A Strauss “Water Bar”? What could that possibly be? I was slightly curious, I have to say, to know more about that 50 eGift car. That was until I looked at the actual item: $1,000 for a water […]

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the magic japanese art of tidying up

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: Possibly the Worst Book Ever Written

Quick! What’s the best-selling book on Amazon.com? Happy Potter? Hunger Games? A new, promising, upcoming thriller? No, it’s that book: 7,578 reviews and a nearly perfect score? I admit I was curious. I’ve always struggled with keeping my things organized and clutter in general, so I really saw this book as a possible “revelation” that […]

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AD-AS economy

Economics: A complete waste of time

Before I start this article, I have to place a small disclaimer: at its highest level, economics indeed has validity. When properly developed, studied and presented, economics does have its place. However, 95%+ of economists are complete morons who are barely able to add fractions. This article should really read as “why 95% of economists […]

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The 4 Hour Body: A Bunch of Garbage

If you don’t know what “The 4 Hour Body” is, it’s the latest entry in the current eat simple/go simple/ be simple/everything is simple fad. Or maybe there’s been something new in the mean time, I don’t know, I don’t follow this. I’m not linking to it because it’s a bunch of garbage. Here it […]

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saw  inspire 2

Fuck you too, SAQ

I received a flyer by the mail. Here is what it basically said: “GREAT SAVINGS! Tons of reduced items and tons of bonus points!” Now, look at the flyer:   If I buy a $10.90 bottle of wine, I get 250 points. That’s $0.25. Usable towards a future purchase, nothing less. Great savings my ass.  What […]

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The Second Worst Mistake Investors Make

The second worst mistake investors make is to invest into garbage companies. I’m always amazed at the crap that people buy these days. In a world where Angie’s list is seriously valued at half a billion and where Etsy somehow managed to pull an IPO at a value of $4 billions (LOL), what else can […]

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going down

The Worst Mistake Investors Make

The worst mistake by far investors make is buying when stocks are going up and selling when stocks are going down. Let me show you: It, after all, seems pretty obvious: if stocks are going up, then things must be going well, right? On the opposite, if a stock goes down, then things must be […]

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I’m Tired of Bullshit in Finance

I have a confession to make: I’m dying to do a career change. Over time, and over a relatively short amount of time, I’ve really come to hate finance and anything that comes with it. Generally speaking, I hate the utter incompetence of almost every single person involved in the financial world. Perhaps the thing […]

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SAQ Inspire: the worst promotion ever made

In case you’ve never heard of the SAQ, it’s just yet another scam we Quebecers have to deal with. Called in french “Société des alcools du Québec,” it roughly translates to “You’ll pay double of what you’d pay in the US and the cashiers will snob you.” In case you still cannot make a link between […]

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alberta economy

Why should a company care about its stock price?

I received a fan mail (!) recently. It’s pretty rare for me to receive an e-mail that is not filled with insults death threats, so I think it’s worth reposting and discussing it here, especially given the interesting question it contains: Hey Fs, great website, huge fan! I’ve started studying finance during my free time […]

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alberta economy

Go full yolo and buy TSE:D.UN tomorrow morning

What do you get when you cross, “ridiculously oversold,” “massively undervalued,” “kickass dividend covered by earnings” and “huge stock buyback that eliminates shares at this crazy low level”? You get TSE:D.UN, which is as perfect as a stock can be. If Dream Office was liquidated tomorrow, its assets sold at a 10% discount (a MASSIVE […]

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Anyone else tired of clickbait bullshit?

About five years ago, I studied the now-lost art of copywriting. One chapter in one book in particular always stuck with me: the author discussed an engineering magazine (you know, magazine that publishes engineering studies and results) and how nobody would read it. People would receive it and wouldn’t even open it. To make things […]

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Studying DWTI decay

I have been dazzled by DWTI’s apparent invulnerabillity to time decay ever since I’ve started trading it. Since it’s a triple leveraged ETF product (meaning it seeks to go up 3% for every 1% ), it HAS to go down on average. In other words, this product should slowly see its value erode through time. […]

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black hole


I don’t know why I’m posting this. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking since I started streaming. I loved it to death and I can’t wait for it to be Tuesday again, but it seems that things are different now. I don’t know how to say it, but I kinda lost the flame. I […]

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FSComeau stream Achievement List

In order to make my stream more interesting, I present to you the list of the following achievements. Each achievement comes with its number of points attached to it. Achieving achievements earns achievements points which unlock rewards for the viewers. The rewards are: Points needed Reward’s name Reward Description 10,000 Stocks 101 Free class on […]

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S&P wehre

Ten fundamental rules of daytrading

As I am typing this, I about 30 minutes from beginning my daytrading livestream on Youtube. I thought I would take a few minutes to present Ten Fundamental Rules of Daytrading. As those rules were passed down to me by The Masters, I am now passing them onto you. Those rules are what I consider […]

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VXX: The only product guaranteed to hit $0.

I finally discovered how to make money with almost 0 risk: shorting NYSEARCA:VXX. One small caveat before I start: the managers were kind of smart and put an expiration date to their scam. Therefore, it will not hit “zero, zero,” but rather a number close to it. It already did quite a few reverse splits to […]

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Be an hero and invest in oil

  Everytime someone tells me oil will absolutely keep falling, I ask the exact same question: “So, then, you are shorting oil, right?” … and every timeI get the same answer. “No.” Why not? If you are absolutely sure oil will keep falling, why aren’t you taking the free money by shorting oil? In other […]

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The Cursed Apple Watch

I never made any effort to hide the fact that I was an absolute Apple fan. Everyone in my entourage knows I’m probably one of the most devoted Apple aficionados on the planet. I bought the first iPod, the first iPhone, the first iPad and pretty much every edition in between. I faced my first dilemma when […]

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Do the obvious and buy BABA ahead of earnings

SO some market manipulators have managed to push Alibaba down below $80. “Alibaba is a scam! Alibaba is over! It’s going to crash!” I laughed it hard as they tried to give a negative spin to every single piece of news they could find. “Alibaba is acquiring too many companies!” “Alibaba is selling too many things […]

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Rana Foroohar is an idiot and a tool

Sometimes, you read an article so blatantly stupid it ends up being brilliant. Unfortunately, Rana Foroohar’s latest turd is not amongst those: it’s just stupid. Really, really, really, really stupid. I don’t believe there should be laws restricting what people can post online, but her most recent pile of shit would make a good case for […]

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Dedicated to AE for his 23th birthday 😉 I In the deepest nooks of the valley of perdition Right between the pits of agony and despairagony Past the door of absolute darkness At the end of the road where dreams come to die I have come to meet the Beast   The path is paved with nightmares and fears The […]

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Buying Apple Options

Why I just bought $31,800 of calls on Apple

My most recent transaction, aptly named “YOLO,” has garnered quite a bit of attention, and I have received some excellent questions. I think it is worth exploring some of them here. First, here is the transaction in question:   Yes. I bought $31,800 of calls on Apple. Not stocks – call. Options. Derivative products. First, I want […]

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Deflation demystified

I have a confession to make: I don’t really like economists. It goes back to my time as as undergrad student, I suppose. I was forced to take three economics classes and I still resent the university for it (no way they are ever getting donations from me). Those were the most dreadful, boring and […]

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apple logo

A prayer to Apple, God of the Stock Market

Every night before I go to sleep, I do my prayer to the God Apple: Our Father, Who is in Cupertino, Holy is Your iPhone; Your Apple Stores come, Your products be distributed in China as they are in America Give us this day our daily one dollar stock price increase, and forgive those who short you, as we forgive […]

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Weekly review: Nov 10th – Nov 14th

First, a huge “thank you” to all my new visitors and all their encouragements. It is really appreciated and your support motivates me to keep working and analyzing companies. Thank you to people who posted my website on 4chan and other sources, it is much appreciated. As always, feel more than free to link my […]

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Valuing Fibrogen IPO

The IPO I’m waiting for the most at the moment is certainly Fibrogen, a biopharmaceutical company about to become public on Friday. Biopharms have done exceptionally well in the last few months, against all expectations, and I am hoping Fibrogen to be even better. But the question remains: how much is Fibrogen worth? Before we begin, […]

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A ship owned by Navios Maritime Midstream

Navios Maritime Midstream: hidden gem or giant gamble?

Navios Maritime Midstream flew under the radar. Even right now, barely anyone discusses it and from the tone of the conversation, you’d believe it’s just another overdone company become public. Yet who would believe Navios Maritime Midstream, or Navios for intimiates, is one of the largest transportation companies? Introduction Do you like big boats? Because […]

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Axalta coating systems IPO

Remember when I said there were several outstanding IPO in the pipeline? Well, yeah. Today’s evaluation will be Axalta Coating Systems which boasts its slogan “Built for performance.” As opposed to what? Built for failure? All bad puns aside, what exactly is Axalta Coating Systems? Well, it’s a company that manufactures coating; basically, paint. I’ve […]

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The textbook definition of a moron: the guy who apple in a dip

The textbook definition of a moron

The textbook definition of a moron is this guy: Someone looked at his investments, looked at the price of Apple’s share, realized it was trading at $95.89 and decided it was time to sell. Yes. Someone looked at his hard-earned money and decided to get rid of his shares of Apple at perhaps the most ridiculously-low price […]

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Alibaba Logo

Why do people bother doing investment research when the only investment you need is Alibaba?

Serious question. I was reading some stock analysis from some research analyst somewhere today when I came to the painful realization that there is no reason to read an investment research in the first place. Why? Because there is only one company worth investing into and it’s this one: Notice how Alibaba, unlike Gopro, didn’t […]

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handt index day 7

Wall Street explained in 5 minutes

Imagine flipping a coin five times in a row and getting five tails. Guy A comes to you and says, “This coin has had five tails in a row. We are way past overdue a heads already. No coin can throw just tails all the time. All coins throw 50% heads and 50% tails and I don’t see why […]

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Terrasses Bonsecours Expectation vs Reality

Les Terrasses Bonsecours Gave Me Cancer

That’s it: I finally found the worst place in Montreal. It has been a wild ride, but I can finally close this part of my life for good. Forget Pacini and it’s gallon of salt, forget Scores and it’s I-can-believe-I’m-eating-that chicken and forget East Side Mario’s and its frozen garbage: Terrasses Bonsecours is so utterly […]

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“Cut his electricity.” “He’d buy a generator.” “Well, then cut his internet.” “He’d go to a friend house. Or play at school.” “At least he’d be at school more often. That’s a start.” I cannot help but smirk. To me, her problem seems nothing but trivial. I simply can’t understand the source of her apparent […]

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