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SnapChat is crashing? I NEVER SAW THIS COMING!!!

So I’ve already written on Snapchat a couple of times now because very frankly, giving a $30B valuation to what is essentially a profitless app is absolutely asinine. When the top argument of your prospectus is how you can use “lenses” to promote movies, you know your business shouldn’t have passed the $1B market cap. […]

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Bye Bye Snapchat!

A couple of whiles ago, I told all you guys to short Snapchat: Snapchat: the worst company of all times? I can’t wait for Snapchat to double so I can short the hell out of it I said $26 would be its all-time high forever. I said it was a worthless company and massively overpriced. […]

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Snapchat: the worst company of all times?

I know I wrote an article on it recently, but I think it’s worth repeating: Snapchat is quite possibly the worst company in the universe. I can’t imagine it staying above $10 as soon as lockup periods expire / people get down their rush. To state that it obtained a $30B valuation is simply beyond […]

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