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Selling calls on calls?

Someone sent me an e-mail today, linking me to an interesting question on /r/wallstreetbets. Here it is: The answer to that question is that you are indeed allowed to sell calls on your calls. Before we go on, let us sum this (rather advanced) situation. Given a certain stock that we will call ABC inc. […]

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Buying Calls vs. Selling Puts

I received an interest question today, about options. “FS i’d like to understand the difference between selling puts and buying calls. In both cases, it seems you are bullish on a position. For instance, if I am bullish on Apple, both buying calls or selling puts seem to make sense and seem profitable. Tyvm.” When […]

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A Super Simple Introduction to Options (Calls, puts)

Okay, so in our latest “Super Simple” article, we covered what short selling is. I highly recommend you study that post and understand it well before trying to understand options. I’ll be honest: options are a bit more complicated and a bit harder to understand, but don’t let that stop you, I made this post ridiculously […]

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