The Top Ten Most Annoying Hobos

One particular thing about me is that I rarely get compose original works at home. I simply can’t get inspired on Microsoft Word; to write, I need a blank page, I need to strike out things and add notes on the fly, which computers simply can’t do. Computers, for me, are used for editing, refining, […]

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God of Infinity: Epilogue

Is there anything that should ever be added to that masterpiece, really? Isn’t it absolute perfection already? Well, three years later, Sumer added an update under another name, in the same topic. Now, take a guess: do you think the update makes any more sense? Do you think three years made him more sane? Do […]

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God of Infinity Part 4: Batshit Insane

AND NOW THIS IS THE CLIMAX OF THE MOVIE: THE FINAL BATTLE. ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU FUCKING READY? CAPS LOCKS TIME! Let’s do this. So THAT’S where the data is coming from after all! Some guy who got naked in his apartment was “injected” with imagination. The mission…. The mission… Challenge even you, the […]

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Sumer Kolcak Asks a question on Stack Overflow

God of Infinity Part 3: Paranoia Finally Sets In

I’d like to take a moment here to indicate that this is truly where paranoia will begin to set in. If there is any psychiatry resident reading this, Sumer would make a fantastic subject. This guy is literally a walking DSM-V. Let’s read the next paragraph: DAMNIT! I’ve noticed phone calls in recent days, and […]

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