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Buying Apple Options

Why I just bought $31,800 of calls on Apple

My most recent transaction, aptly named “YOLO,” has garnered quite a bit of attention, and I have received some excellent questions. I think it is worth exploring some of them here. First, here is the transaction in question:   Yes. I bought $31,800 of calls on Apple. Not stocks – call. Options. Derivative products. First, I want […]

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The Habit IPO: worth taking a bite?

**Update 11/25: Rebuying as soon as the downtrend ends.   It’s at least worth taking a look. The Habit, a fast-growing burger joint based in the United States, is having its IPO this week, probably on Thursday, and it’s by far one of the most popular upcoming IPOs are the moment. In fact, it’s almost […]

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Weekly review: Nov 10th – Nov 14th

First, a huge “thank you” to all my new visitors and all their encouragements. It is really appreciated and your support motivates me to keep working and analyzing companies. Thank you to people who posted my website on 4chan and other sources, it is much appreciated. As always, feel more than free to link my […]

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Valuing Fibrogen IPO

The IPO I’m waiting for the most at the moment is certainly Fibrogen, a biopharmaceutical company about to become public on Friday. Biopharms have done exceptionally well in the last few months, against all expectations, and I am hoping Fibrogen to be even better. But the question remains: how much is Fibrogen worth? Before we begin, […]

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A ship owned by Navios Maritime Midstream

Navios Maritime Midstream: hidden gem or giant gamble?

Navios Maritime Midstream flew under the radar. Even right now, barely anyone discusses it and from the tone of the conversation, you’d believe it’s just another overdone company become public. Yet who would believe Navios Maritime Midstream, or Navios for intimiates, is one of the largest transportation companies? Introduction Do you like big boats? Because […]

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Axalta coating systems IPO

Remember when I said there were several outstanding IPO in the pipeline? Well, yeah. Today’s evaluation will be Axalta Coating Systems which boasts its slogan “Built for performance.” As opposed to what? Built for failure? All bad puns aside, what exactly is Axalta Coating Systems? Well, it’s a company that manufactures coating; basically, paint. I’ve […]

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