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agg vs spy

Should you invest 100% of your money into stocks?

Here comes another question, this time from a patron: Quick question: my current stock allocation is 100% in the stock market. I have been told by a friend who is an analyst at a bank and by people online that I should diversify into bonds and preferred shares. What do you think about that? Also, […]

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spy reit

Should you buy REITs when you’re young?

Hey fs quick question, love your blog. I see you recommend real estate reits a lot and I did invest in your top 3 picks. However I wrote to a stock analyst and he commented back that you shouldnt buy Reits when you’re young……… That you should go for high-growth instead……. What do you think […]

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artis dividend

My top, top holding

I received an interesting question today from one of my patron. He asked me what my “top, top holding” was, i.e. the stock I have the most money in. Well, to be honest, the answer tends to vary quite a bit from one day to another, depending on the trades I’m doing and what I’m […]

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Home Capital Group: a 15% dividend? (TSE:HCG)

I received an interesting e-mail this morning, about a company I was following (Home Capital Group – TSE:HCG). hey man, HCG just fell 60% and now has a dividend of 15%. You think there is a bit of an opportunity here? tyvm   How many times must I repeat that a higher dividend means a […]

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Buying Calls vs. Selling Puts

I received an interest question today, about options. “FS i’d like to understand the difference between selling puts and buying calls. In both cases, it seems you are bullish on a position. For instance, if I am bullish on Apple, both buying calls or selling puts seem to make sense and seem profitable. Tyvm.” When […]

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canada goose

Canada Goose is crashing!? I am SHOCKED!

What a complete and utter coincidence! It’s almost as if I saw this one coming! Can you believe such a stellar company could be down post-IPO? With a barely inflated P/E ratio of 62? For a clothing company (aka a fad) in a world where 90% of retailers are dying? IMPOSSIBLE! Someone call the SEC!

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Snapchat: the worst company of all times?

I know I wrote an article on it recently, but I think it’s worth repeating: Snapchat is quite possibly the worst company in the universe. I can’t imagine it staying above $10 as soon as lockup periods expire / people get down their rush. To state that it obtained a $30B valuation is simply beyond […]

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