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Sky Solar IPO tomorrow: am I going to buy?

I just finished reading Sky Solar’s (very dreadful) prospectus. The question is: would I invest in it? Let’s start by “The Bad” first. The Bad: 1) The sector sucks Investing in solar energy is a terrible idea. It’s an even worst idea when oil prices are down. Take FirstSolar, the biggest solar energy company at the […]

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Would you pay $10 per day to feed your dog?

To be clear, I wouldn’t. I don’t even pay $10 per day to feed myself. But in a world where people seriously buy insurance for their dogs, why not? For those of you who don’t follow the IPO market (that is, when a company becomes public and when everyone can invest in a company, not […]

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Bombardier: finally a failproof way to never make money

Do you lay awake at night wishing you could invest at the lowest possible rate of return? Or, better yet, do you wish you could invest your money in a company that will never earn you a penny? Do you dream about slowly losing your buying power to inflation? Then Bombardier (TSE:BBD.B) might be the perfect […]

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The textbook definition of a moron: the guy who apple in a dip

The textbook definition of a moron

The textbook definition of a moron is this guy: Someone looked at his investments, looked at the price of Apple’s share, realized it was trading at $95.89 and decided it was time to sell. Yes. Someone looked at his hard-earned money and decided to get rid of his shares of Apple at perhaps the most ridiculously-low price […]

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handt index day 7

Wall Street explained in 5 minutes

Imagine flipping a coin five times in a row and getting five tails. Guy A comes to you and says, “This coin has had five tails in a row. We are way past overdue a heads already. No coin can throw just tails all the time. All coins throw 50% heads and 50% tails and I don’t see why […]

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