Bye bye Aimia (TSE:AIM)

I hate to say it, but I almost bought Aimia a week ago. That’s right: just one little week ago.


Aimia: another garbage stock made in Canada.

For those who haven’t followed, Air Canada is launching their own reward program. There goes 80% of Aimia’s business

I’m so fucking tired of all the fucking worthless companies on the TSX. BBD.B, VRX, HCG, the entire small cap energy sector, CXR and now AIM. Why the heck do I even bother with Canadian stocks anymore? They’re all fucking garbage!

Buying a Canadian stocks = Buying a ticking bomb

As far as I’m concerned, 80% of stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange are going to 0 sooner or later. Only a few select companies (banks, pipelines, major energy players, some REITs…) are worth something. The rest are basically more Aimia.

I just don’t understand who would buy Canadian stocks at this point. You could wake up at at -65% return any day, so why bother?

I guess I’m still pissed at myself for almost buying into Aimia. The dividend was good and seemed stable, the business seemed predictable…


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