Bonds outperform Stocks? A hate mail story

Someone left a very crude comment on my blog today. The comment had the e-mail [email protected] attached to it, which I am going to assume is a fake. The comment is:

once again, the wolf-mask is wrong. whatever you do, do the opposite of this turd…

all morons like this are the same…they cherry pick timeframes to make their argument…

using AGG, what was the return of AGG vs SPY between 2000 to 2015…oh yea, AGG outperformed…

i follow this idiot just to get ideas what the morons like him are thinking so I can do the opposite…kinda like going long on AAPL while this cupcake goes short….bbbwwhahaha!!!

just remember, wolfie lost everything and he’s giving advice?!?!? LOLOLOLOL

p.s. I’m now going into the long bond trade bc this snowflake doesn’t like it…guaranteed winning trade…

First of all, AGG started trading on September 22th, 2003. Second of all, here’s how AGG and SPY fared since it was created to 2015:

In no way, form or shape did AGG outperform the SPY, even with the full financial crisis in motion. Even the SPY’s dividend has outperformed AGG’s. And if we look into recent years, it’s even worse, with SPY demolishing AGG.

For those of you who read this: going 100% long on stocks is the only worthwhile investing strategy, period. Every other strategy is inferior (for an individual, obviously). Pick 30-35 solid stocks, invest in them and wait. Reinvest periodically if you can. Or buy a SPY ETF if you don’t want to find stocks yourself.

As for you, anonymous: enjoy your 2% annual return.

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