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Sumer Kolcak Asks a question on Stack Overflow

God of Infinity Part 3: Paranoia Finally Sets In

I’d like to take a moment here to indicate that this is truly where paranoia will begin to set in. If there is any psychiatry resident reading this, Sumer would make a fantastic subject. This guy is literally a walking DSM-V. Let’s read the next paragraph: DAMNIT! I’ve noticed phone calls in recent days, and […]

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Sumer Kolcak asks a retarded question on Stack Overflow

God of Infinity Part 1: The One One

So THAT is the data. GREAT data. And you have decided to give it to us after all? OH MY GOD I CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, SUMER! And your data is that any color that isn’t white is abusing humanity? And we are supposed to experiment on that how exactly? How, Sumer? On other websites, […]

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God of Infinity: Prologue

A perfect beginning for a perfect text. I mean, you could stop reading here and pretty much guess what this whole text is about – and I do love that! Straight to the point, Sumer! One sentence and you know exactly is going to follow (take a guess?). The code to infinity has been cracked… […]

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God of Infinity

Wow! What’s with the title, you might ask? Well, it’s simply the title of one of the most incredible posts ever posted in the internet. And to be honest, the title could hardly be more amazing in itself. This is going to be quite different from what I normally write; in a way, this is […]

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